Robert Stauss

Full Stack Web Developer


Who am I?

Most people call me Bob, because that is a common nickname for Robert. I met a William once who went by Bob because he liked the way it sounded. That was a bit odd. I met him late one night while I was working at the Kountry Kart Deli. Working as a late night grill-cook/sandwich maker/drunk wrangler leads to many encounters with ineresting, and often extremely inebriated people. I've also worked as an occasional delivery driver, and head waiter, ski instructor, camera man, interned with a private investigator and controled both lighting and audio in a funky little local theater. I've also done quite a bit of international traveling, both with educational programs, and independently throughout Europe, and as far as Japan. Although I speak no other languages besides english (and latin, but that doesn't count because it's a dead language) I've never really had trouble making myself understood wherever I happened to be.

I like to draw, paint, and write. I've recently learned the fine art of computer programming at the incomparable Burlington Code Academy, and have been rather enjoying it. I currently live in Burlington, VT, and grew up in Granville. If you've never heard of Granville you are in the vast majority of people. Tucked away between the Mad and White Rivers, Granville is a tiny town with a population of less than 300. When the zombie apocalypse hits Granville will be the place to be. I have a somewhat random, if vast, array of trivia tucked away in my nogin, built up first by my mother, who wrote documentary films for a living, and later expanded on by my studies in college, mostly focusing on mythology and history, but I dabbled a little bit in all of the humanities, and even a few of the sciences. I currently work at the Burlington Code Academy as a TA.


for fun!


Watch the computer play itself to a tie over and over! Challenge it yourself, or find a friend and play with them. Guaranteed to provide minutes of entertainment!

Text Based Adventure

Ever want to wander aimlessly through the woods and get eaten by wild animals? This is the game for you! (Graphics not included)

and profit!

Laughing Eagle (dev server)

Laughing Eagle Productions, and their affiliated music label located in scenic Waitsfield, VT. Providing all your recording needs, from podcasts to full albums.

The Granville Corner School

A non profit in Granville, VT dedicated to restoring th eold one room schoolhouse, and transforming it into a community resource center.

Enjoy some fine art by yours truly:

Maybe one day I'll consider my digital work polished enough to put here.

Want to commission me, hire me, or just have a nice chat?

Get in touch!

Email me:
Robert R Stauss at Gmail, all lower case, all one word. I'll usually respond within a couple of days, a week at most.
Shoot me a text or give me a call:
(802)Three Four Nine-234Eight. I might not answer, but if you leave a message I'll call you back.
You can also try and find me roaming the streets of Burlington, VT. It's a small city so the chances are good you'll run into me eventually.
P.S. Sorry for the wierd formatting, but this is probably the simplest way to protect my info from any bots trying to scrape my data. If they want my info they'll have to work for it!